March 17, 2017

Recruitment of Operational Manager in Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd. at Ahmedabad Location

Recruitment of Operational Manager in Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd. at Ahmedabad Location

Job Description

Lean Documentation
- To create the complete documentation workflow of generic drug development starting from IOD to Dossier submission.
- To capture all the documents in the E2E process along with issues faced, number of signatures done, type of document (manual/IT app), sample copy of document
- To conduct multiple brainstorming sessions with the project teams and list down all the issues faced in each of the documents and ideas for optimizing the contents
- To review the project recommendations and share the entire outcome with project teams (FnD, ADL, BEC, PDG, OE, CR, FTT) and put together deployment plan to proceed further
- To execute deployment plan by involving all the functional SPOCS and sponsors in decision making
- To estimate benefits in terms of cost reduction and timelines reduction from each of the project activities

Plant documentation work flow
- To design the new efficient process after taking inputs from all stakeholders to streamline the documents preparation post EB completion in plant
- To create and review RACI for defining responsibility and accountability of each role involved in the work flow.
- To finalize timelines/internal SLAs between teams (QA, QC, TR and PDG) with each functional representatives and got sign off from HODs
- To ensure the timely submission of dossiers
- To minimize the document scanning requests between plant and QA

Cycle time reduction in generic drug development
- To identify few streams to drive cycle time reduction
- To improve Reverse Engg. Process
- To streamline MPN generation
- To optimize PR-PO process
- To improve Pilot Bio Study batch preparation process
- To finalize cross functional team to drive project
- To map entire Generic drug development process flow and critical path and list down the potential improvements in the overall flow
- To prepare a detailed deployment plan and assign the implementation responsibilities to team members by assessing impact over critical path, business value and sponsors feedbacks
- To track the deployment progress and report to management
- To design secure follow-up plan for sustenance evaluation

CCF and deviation reduction
- To collect data for CCFs of past one year from all the plants
- To analyze data and identify patterns with help of Minitab
- To analyze CCFs process flow for various categories of change
- To review all the findings, data analysis and draft recommendations with Dr. Dutt
- To prepare deployment plan for harmonization recommendations
- To track and report progress to the management

Deviation reduction
- To collect data for Deviations of past one quarter from all the plants
- To Analyze data and identify patterns
- To analyze deviations process flow for various categories of change
- To conduct meetings with relevant stakeholders for deep dive analysis
Support to Automation Initiative
- To prepare document flow maps for Generic Drug Development from IOD to Dossier submission
- To map the documents details like Manual document, electronic document, email etc and levels included in documentation preparation like initiator, reviewer, approval etc.
- To map the timelines needed for each document and cross linkages with other documents
- To share the detailed documentation mapping with automation core team
- To train the automation core team to identify the Lean Wastes (TIMWOODS) in documents like waiting, rework, over processing etc.
- To provide support for waste identification as required.

Desired Candidate Profile

- Candidate should have experience in Opex Field in Pharma, manufacturing, Heavy Engineering Automobiles, IT
- Strong in Communication Skills

UG: B.Tech/B.E. - Any Specialization, Chemical
PG: M.Tech - Chemical

Contact Details

Torrent Pharma is one of the top pharmaceutical company in India. If you are looking for a job in Ahmedabad location then contact below.

Contact Person : Parthiv Jadhav
Company Name : Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Telephone :  079 26599000
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Address : Off. Ashram Road, Ahmedabad - 380 009. Gujarat, India
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